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Born in 1971. 1993 graduated from the Republic Art College in Tashkent. Expressive, temperamental painter, she boldly mixes colours, objects, brush strokes Has participated in exhibitions in Tashkent, Korea and Germany.

"The older I get, the more I love my age. Childish fears, haphazard attachments, dissatisfaction with myself - all that is behind me. Everything except youth itself. I live for today, I love the here and now, I love painting which is my life. If I am not bored, hungry or thirsty, if I don't want to travel, shop, make love or whatever, I paint. I paint out of malice, happiness, jealousy, passion, when I see utter poverty or tremendous luxury. I paint when I am offended or feel guilty. I roam, I search for balance within and outside of myself and throw my pain as paint onto the canvas. And I love all this, even though I am endlessly languishing, ashamed of my imperfection."

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Artwork name: Noahs Ark

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oil on canvas
80 x 90 cm
(31" x 35")

Price: SOLD