Born in 1946 in Tbilisi. Graduated from the Tbilisi Politechnical Institute ( Automation Faculty ) in 1969.
Graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Arts ( Painting
Faculty) in 1976.In 1981 became a member of the Artists
Union of the USSR. At present he lives in Tbilisi. He is a
Chairman of painting section of Artists Union of Georgia
and works in theTbilisi Academy of Arts as a full professor.

Main Exhibitions:

1976/1985 - Exhibitions in Tbilisi, Georgia, Moscow.
1985- Pers.Exhibition in Pirosmani Museum in Mirsaani.
1989- Georgian painters in West Berlin.
1989- Personal Exhibition in Tbilisi, Moscow.
1990- Zagreb, Lausanne, Helsinki, Toronto.
1991- Personal Exhibition in Hungen (Germany).
1992- Georgian Painters in Paris.
1994- Personal Exhibition in Hannover, Tbilisi.
1995- Georgian Painters in Kuwait.
1996- Personal Exhibition in Munich, "Bodo Smidts" gallery.
1996- International Art's Forum in Ankara.
1996- Georgian Painters in Washington.
1997-98- International Art's Messe inBerlin.
1997/2001- International Art Salon in Moscow.
1998- Greece in Modern Georgian Art (Tbilisi-Athens).
1998- International Exhibition of Art in Baden-Baden.
1999- Pirmasen Art Messe (Germany).
2001- Modern Georgian Painters in Paris (UNESCO).
2001- "Wife-Painter's muse" Omega, Tbilisi.
2001- "ART for Peace" Tbilisi, UN
2001- Intern. Art Festival in Tbilisi. First award.
- Personal exhibition in Shpiegel gallery, Aisbergen, Germany.
2002- "Sport in Georgian Art", Tbilisi.
2002/2003- International ART Festival, Magdeburg, Germany.
2004- International Art Festival in Tbilisi.
2004- International Exhibition of Art in Las-vegas, USA.
2004- "Modern Georgian Art", Modern Art Gallery, Tbilisi.
2004- Exh. "Pirosmany in Georgian Painter's Creations".
2004/2005- Intern. Festival "Art-Caucasus" Tbilisi.
2005- Georgian Painters in London.
2006- Personal Exh. In Culturecenter, Petershagen, Germany.

Paintings in Museums of Georgia, USSR, Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, Collection of Nonconformist Art
Norton DODGE (Maryland, USA) as well as in galleries
and private collections of Georgia, Russia, Finland, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, USA, France, Italy, Holland, Kuwait, Switzerland, Cyprus, Hungary, Japan, Israel, Greece.

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Artwork name: Lovers

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Oil on Canvas
(39 1/2"x31 1/2")

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