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(1956 - 2009)

Was born in Stanislavchyk, Kyiv region in 1956.
Graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute.

Collections of works

In Ukraine:
Kharkiv, Sumy, Lugansk museums. Gradobank gallery.

Private collections:
Ukraine, USA, Germany, Poland.

Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.


"Picturesque sanctuary. Version 2008". Bottega gallery" Kiev. Ukraine

National Art Museum, Kiev, Ukraine
Personal exhibition "Still Lifes"
TAU KITA Gallery

Ukrainian State Museum of Fine Arts
Group exhibition, dedicated to 10-year anniversary of the creative group
"Painting Reserve"

Art Exhibiton “XX Artists of Ukraine (end of the century)” “Atelier Karas” Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Khmelnitskiy Museum of Contemporary Art (Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine)

"Zhyvopysny Zapovidnyk-3". Kyiv, Ukraine.

"Kyiv Art Market-94". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Syntheses-Slavutich-94". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Small Painting". Kyiv, Ukraine.
Spring God of Love". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Spring-94". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Art of Ukraine." Toulouse, France.

"Zhyvopysny Zapovidnyk". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Plastic Art". Kyiv, Ukraine.

"Polystylismus". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Art of Free Ukraine". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"Zhyvopysny Zapovidnyk". Kyiv, Ukraine.

"Ukrainian Art". Nuremberg, Germany.
"Art of the Younger Generation ". Moscow, Russia.

"Art of Russian Artists", "Marie Theresa" Gallery. France.
Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists. Finland.
"Three Generations of Ukrainian Art". Kyiv, Ukraine-Odense, Denmark.

Exhibition of Poltava Artists, Feidershtadt, Germany.
"Youth of the Country". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"70th Anniversary of Leninist Communist League of Soviet Union". Kyiv, Ukraine.

Exhibition Devoted to 50th Anniversary of Artists League of Soviet Union. Kyiv, Ukraine.
"World, Events, Person". Kyiv, Ukraine.
All-Union Competitive Exhibition. Moscow, Russia.

1987 "Drawing and Water-Colors". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"The Younger Generation of the Country". Kyiv, Ukraine.
"The Soviet Country". Kyiv, Ukraine.

"World and the Youth". Kyiv, Ukraine.

Marko Geyko is related with that direction in art which, as A.B.Oliva said, "does not want to deny itself the joy of materiality". His method accumulated the various painting experience of 20th century. The solution for modern society problems, on his thought, is concentration of mind and spirit efforts each of us. In his own case it demonstrates his strained, full of hidden dramatism, compositions.

That's his way - combination of tradition of European postmodernism (West-European painting of post-war period) and national world outlook. Every Geyko's work is a microcosm, which exists by inherent laws of harmony. Articles in his figure compositions are subordinated to laws of artistic harmony, like plastic elements in abstract composition. Adjustment of composition organically joins with powerful emotional fund.
All painting is reflection of world, which are refracted through magic crystal of artistic outlook. Even the most abstract things are connected closely with reality. Colour is materially. Earthly-brown colour, silvery-grey is like colour of wood, which are drying out by sun and wind; warm black colour of black earth. Oil paint leaves on the canvas by its own life, takes part in creation of artistic image.

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Artwork name: Still Life Against the White Backdrop 2

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70 x 65 cm
(27 5/9" x 25 3/5")
Oil on Canvas

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