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Unresolved elements in the detail of my forms are derived from time scarred archaeological finds. The overriding desire in my work is to insist upon a moment's resting place in the modern world. In a society that is over stimulated and desensitised by transitory images, I see my work as an antidote to the sight bite.

Each piece is sculpted from life and is itself unique. The malleability of the steel enforced terracotta material ensures that the creative process is recorded and preserved. The patination allows light to accumulate in the finished sculpture.

I endeavour to record the fecund and the mysterious, and at the same time offer a point of view that restores something of the romantic vision, and speaks of dignity and permanence.

Peter de Rygesbii

Following art college in London and Bristol, de Rygesbii collaborated on several public sculptures.

He has travelled widely from the mountain monasteries of China, throughout Europe, to some of the remotest outposts of the Arctic Inuit.

de Rygesbii spent many years teaching fine art in Europe, the U.K. and in the States. He is now settled in Derbyshire, and works and exhibits from the Langtry Studio, continuing a tradition of drawing inspiration from many diverse classical precedents.

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Artwork name: A Raid on the Inarticulate

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(10 1/8")
Including base

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