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Andrej Mashkovtsev was born in St.Petersburg in 1966. In 1983 he completed Rates of art and design. In 1990 he studied at Faculty of Automatics and Telemechanics of Vinnitsa Technical University.

From 1989 he has taken part in many exhibitions at Vinnitsa, Kiev and Odessa.

His artworks are held in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Germany, Austria, Czech, Portugal and at the Modern Art Museum of Vinnitsa Technical University.

He is engaged in web-design, flash animation, computer graphics for polygraphy and the illustration of books, posters and playbills. Lives and works in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

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Artwork name: Way To Babylon

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1999,Pen, Ink, Watercolour,18x28cm(7"x11")

Price: £288 GBP

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