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Lena Akopian was born in an artists family in 1959 in Riga, Latvia.
Since 1990 she lives in Norway with her family.
She has got very well figurative art education. Lena has active worked as an creative artist since 1982. She uses different old traditional graphic techniques (deep print: etching & aquatint; lithography)as well as her own
handcolored/mixed techniques. Lena works also with drawings, oil-, watercolor paintings and graphic/webdesign. She has always been very inpired by Renaissance art and therefore likes to combine figurative forms with more abstract forms and expressive lines to get more dynamic in her artworks.

Lena usually brings a symbolic visionary expression forward in her pictures.Her artworks was exhibited at the different contemporary art galleries throughout Europe &USA.It was many publications in media(newspapers, magazines, TV, internet) about her artworks. Lenas pictures are sold to many fine art collectors in Norway, Italy, Germany, USA,
Latvia, Armenia, Israel, etc....


1969-1977 Rozental's Art School, Riga, Latvia,
1977-1983 The Academy of Arts, (graphics/design), Riga, Latvia


NBK (Norwegian Artists Association), Norwegian Graphic Artists, Norwegian Drawers, BBK (Buskerud Regional Artists Association) boardmember (2002, 2004/2005).

since 1981 -participations at about 120 international exhibitions in France, Norway, USA, Latvia, Russia, Armenia, Italy, Germany, etc.....


since 1985 -(about 40)in Armenia & Latvia;

in Norway & USA after 1990:
2003 Gallery Tonne, Oslo, Norway
2003 Raadhus Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2002 The Artists Center Buskerud district gallery, Drammen, Norway
2000 IsKunst gallery, Oslo
1999 The Art Association Gallery, Hareid Raadhus, Norway
1998 Gallery Gulden Kunstverk, Eiker, Norway
1997 Drammens Theatre, Norway
1996 Library, Lier, Norway
1995 Gallery Gulden Kunstverk, Eiker, Norway
1995 The Art Association, Aas, Norway
1994 The Armenian Museum & Library of Armenia, Boston, USA
1994 Gallery KIO, Lillehammer, Norway
1994 Gjovik gaard Gallery, Gjovik, Norway
1993 Gjovik gaard Gallery, Gjovik, Norway
1991 Gallery, Tonsberg, Norway
1991 Cultur Center, Ulsteinvik, Norway
1990 Gallery, Kongensgt., Oslo
1990 Gallery "Unique", Eidsvoll, Norway

The Academy of Arts (Riga,Latvia)

At the Raadhus Gallery exhibition (Oslo,Norway 2003)

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Artwork name: Caleidoscope II

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Hand Coloured orig. Print
29 x 29 cm
(11 1/2"x11 1/2")

Price: £348 GBP