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Simone Zeffiro is a Fine Art Photographer born in 1979 close to Milan, North Italy.

In 2004 he officially joined the photography field and started his long journey, seeking his art through the emotion and sensations found within the images he takes, incorporating his private and personal ideas of what an artistic image such be.

His interpretative ability brought him to study a variety of photographic fields; from fine art to portraits, street to land and cityscapes, and with a particular interest in black and white, nocturne long exposure pictures. With an eye for nature and sport, he worked as official photographer to the Italian Sailing Cup MINI650 for two consecutive years.

Many of his works refer to his travels. He worked with some of the most talented and renowned fashion and advertising photographers in Italy, with direct cooperation with artistic projects worldwide.

In 2010 he exhibited his works at The Brick Lane Gallery of London and received a FIAF Accreditation at the Biennal International de Fotografia in Spain. He recently exhibited a selection of his works at the Buenos Aires Gallery in Milan and he’s working on new exhibitions in USA.

In September 2012 he received two Honorable Mentions at the IPA - International Photography Award 2012:
- Honorable Mention in Architecture Interior Category
- Honorable Mention in Fine Art Landscape category
In December 2012 he received three Honorable Mentions at the IPA - ONE SHOT Award 2012:
- Honorable Mention in ONE SHOT “The Space Inside” PRO
- Honorable Mention in ONE SHOT “The Space Outside” PRO
- Honorable Mention in ONE SHOT “The Space Between” PRO
In September 2013 he received two Honorable Mentions at the IPA - International Photography Award 2013:
- Honorable Mention in Architecture Industrial Category
- Honorable Mention in Fine Art Landscape Category
In November 2013 he received the Hasselblad Photographer Of The Month Award
In September 2014 he received an Honorable Mentions at the IPA - International Photography Award 2014:
- Honorable Mention in Professional Fine Art Portrait

Simone is currently working on a variety of new and interesting projects including working with important first level agencies and global publications such as Luxurious Magazine, where he cooperate as official Lead Photographer and part of the main editorial team.

Always searching for something different and new, Simone Zeffiro regularly publishes his works on his official website and within some of the most important photography magazines, websites and channels worldwide.

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Artwork name: Twin Trees

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Fine Art Black & White
70 x 70 cm
(27" x 27")

Price: £909 GBP