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Timofei Igorevich Smirnov was born in 1980 in Moscow. Graduated from the Surikov State Art Institute. Exhibits since 1994.


2000 "ArtManezh". "Manezh Hall". Moscow
2002 "Sign. Symbol. Myth." "Gallery "A3"". Moscow
2002 "Old Moscow Flat. 20/21." "Gallery "A3"". Moscow
2002 "Golden Brush". "New Manezh". Moscow
2002 "Megapolis XXI veka". "New Manezh". Moscow
2002 "Russian Still Life at the Edge of Myllenium". Administration of the President of Russian Federation. Moscow
2002 "ArtManezh". TsVZ "Manezh". Moscow
2003 "Art-Moskva". "X years of Moscow Studio". TsDKh The Artists' Central House. Moscow
2003 "Goblets i Jars". The Meierkhol'd Centre. Moscow
2003 "Cosmos". The Cultural Centre at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Chili. Sant'iago di Chili
2004 "Well. F orgotten. Past. (Comparative Interpretations)". Gallery S'ART. Moscow
2004 "Cosmos-2".The House of Science and Culture. Berlin, Germany
2004 "In Between". MMSI. Moscow
2004 2-nd Independent Biennale of Grafics. TsVZ "Manezh". Sankt-Peterburg
2004 "Mastery and Youth". "Gallery "A3"". Moscow

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Artwork name: Fear of Ocean or Ocean of Fear

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Acrylic on Canvas,
(39 3/8"x39 3/8")

Price: £3120 GBP